Top places to Visit in Idukki for your memorable trip in Spice Garden

Idukki, known as God’s own country, is an attractive destination for tourists . Surrounded by lush and dense forests and adorned with green mountains. There are lots of places to visit in Idukki that everyone should explore on their trip. This place boasts of being here at Anamudi peak (highest peak in India) Apart from this, it also has the second largest arch dam in the world. This place has been an important trading center for centuries as rosewood, sandalwood, ivory and peacock were exported  to distant lands. Idukki district, created on January 26, 1972, is the second largest district of Kerala. It has several important towns like Devikulam, Adimalai, Udumbankola, Thekkady, Peermedu and Thodupuzha etc. apart from Anamudi there are thirteen other peaks above 2000 meters in height.

Top 8 Places to visit in Idukki

There are many tourist places to see in Idukki for visitors. Apart from the beautiful landscapes, it also has several tea gardens and coffee plantations, serene waterfalls and enchanting lakes and some wildlife sanctuaries. The aroma of tea and coffee floats in the air at Marikkady, the famous plantation of Idukki. Nedumkandam Hills is known as the land of spices and peppers and cardamom are cultivated here. It seems that the waterfalls of Bashan Kovil beckon  to welcome visitors .

1. Palakulamedu Peak , Idukki : –

It is one of the popular places to visit in Idukki. Palakulamedu is located about 12 km from Idukki. It is a peak which is situated at an altitude of 3125 meters above the sea level. Palakulamedu peak is a tourist attraction in Idukki because of its pristine hills and surrounded by green valleys. You can visit this summit anytime of the year. You can also go hiking and trekking here. Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts must visit Palakulamedu Peak .

  • Location : –12 km from Idukki, Kerala, 685536 .                                             
  • Opening and Closing Time : – From sunrise to sunset .
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

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2. Thekkad Bird Sanctuary , Idukki : –

This sanctuary is known as Thekkad Bird or Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. It is located in Ernakulam. This tourist place of Idukki is most crowded by bird lovers. This sanctuary is also home to many indigenous reptiles and animals. Various species of migratory birds come here during the months of November and stays till June. Hence many bird lovers visit here during this period. Many species of endangered birds like Peninsular wild owl , Malabar Gray Hornbills ,  Rose – billed roller , Crimson – throated barber, Crested serpent eagle , Great Indian hornbill and Fairy bluebird here in addition to these birds, you can visit the taxidermic museum and visit the Animal Rehabilitation Center. Driving is not allowed in this sanctuary , for that you can hire  a guide to help you with information about this place .

  • Location : – Kumily, Thekkady , Kerala , 685536.
  • Opening and Closing Time : –Morning 6 : 00 am to evening 7 : 00 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 45 for adults and INR. 15 for children and INR. 500 for foreigners .

3. Thamangakuthu Falls , Idukki : –

Thamangakuthu falls is a 1500 meter long waterfall which is 17 km far from Thodupuzha town in Idukki district. This is a small but very beautiful waterfall among all the Idukki tourist places , which attracts many tourists to come here to see this beautiful waterfall and its background . This waterfall is named after a tribal leader named Thamman . The waterfall descends in seven steps at each stage it forms a pool . The beauty of Thamangakuthu Falls lies in these steps. Many heart – boosting activities can be done at this place such as rock climbing, hiking and trekking etc. If you are not a fan of these activities, you can go boating, fishing, and horseback riding many many more such activities.

  • Location : – Thodupuzha, Idukki, Kerala, 685581, India
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 8 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fee : – No entry fees are required .

4. Hill View Park , Idukki : –

Hill view park is one of the best places to visit in Idukki and only 1.5 km from Idukki . The park is situated on  a mound and is spread over an area of 8 acres . The beautifully furnished park has a natural lake which adds to its charm . As the name of the park suggests, it offers a panoramic view of the nearby sites.  From this tourist attraction of Idukki you can see deer , bison, and wild elephants in their natural habitat . You can take an exciting boat ride on the lake for enjoyment . The park is a herbal garden, where you will surely be mesmerized. Hill view park is located near Idukki Arch Dam and Cheeruthani Dam . This park is situated at a height of 350 feet above the dam water level . Don’t forget to take binoculars and cameras while visiting this place to cherish your memories.

  • Location : – RXQ7 + W2P, Idukki TWP, Kerala, 685602
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 9 : 30 am to 5 : 30 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 10 for adults and INR. 05 for children .

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5. Calvary Mount , Idukki : –

Calvary Mount is located on the Kattapan – Idukki road, 5 km from Idukki . Mount Calvary is Located on the steep slope and is a tourist hotspot . This Idukki tourist place is famous for the processing held during Good Friday and Fasting . During the month of Ap[ril, devotees take out a procession carrying a cross to commemorarate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Here you can have a panoramic glimpse of the nearby places . From one angle you  can see the Idukki Arch Dam to Ayyappankovil and fom the other side you can see Kamakshi and Mariapuram villages. While trekking on the hill, you can also see elephants on the way . The beautiful air and the chirping birds will make you forget all your worries. There are small huts around the area for night rest in the hills.

  • Location : – Thodupuzha- Puliyanmala Road, Ayyappancoil ,Idukki, Kerala, 685602
  • Opening and Closing Time : –Open 24 hours .
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required .

6. Idukki Arch Dam , Idukki : –

The Idukki Arch Dam attracts many tourists from near and far every day. It is the second arch dam in the world and the first in Asia. The dam is beautifully built on the Periyar river between Kuruvanamala and Kuruthimala hills. It is a hydroelectric station formed of 5 rivers, 20 other dams , an underground power generator and underground tunnels. The Idukki Arch dam is spread over an area of 550 feet long and 650 feet wide. It is located near Cheruthani Barrage , Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary Dam . Apart from being the world’s second Arch Dam , it is famous for the beautiful surroundings in which it was built. The best time to visit this tourist place of Idukki is from August to March, when the water comes out in full force.

  • Location : – Kuravan and Kurathi Hills, Close to the Cheruthoni Barrage, Idukki , Kerala .
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 10 : 00 am to evening 5 : 00 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – INR . 10 for adults and INR . 05 for children .

7. Keejarakuthu Falls : –

Keejarakuthu Falls is about 25 km from the serene town of Thudupuzha. This tourist attraction of Idukki is also known as “Rainbow Falls” Keejarkuthu Falls falls from a height of 1500 meters. This  waterfall seems to be coming out of the rock. The waterfall recedes rapidly throughout the year. It is an ideal place for adventure activities like trekking, camping, rock climbing and mountaineering. This is a place that amateur photographers love to visit .

  • Location : – Munnar , Idukki , Kerala , 685612 .
  • Opening and Closing Time : – From sunrise to sunset .
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required .

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8. Nedumkandam Hills : –

Nedumkandam hills are 3200 feet above the sea level in Udumbankola Taluk of Idukki . Stretching for 3 km along the road, this small town is situated between Munnar and Thekkad Bird Sanctuary. It can be called the land of coffee, cardamom and black pepper. It is one of the fastest developing cities in kerala. This place has recently been settled by farmers from different parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. If you want to spend your holidays comfortably then come to this Idukki tourist place. There are many wonderful places to visit Kailasapara, Kalumekalu, Nayandimala, Ramakalmedu etc for a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking views. You can also visit Thuval Falls to listen to nature.

  • Location : – Ramakkalmedu , Idukki , Kerala , Nedumkandam, 685552 .
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 8 :00 am to evening 6 : 00 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required .

Best Time to visit Idukki : –

Undoubtedly winter is the best time to visit Idukki beause in this season the whole hill station gets covered with the mist and showcases an irresistible charm . The temperature remains below the average level so visitors  can indulge themselves in an array of tourist activities to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Idukki .

How to be in Idukki : –

  • By Air : –

The nearest airport to Idukki is Nedumbasari or Kochi International Airport . It is 60 km from Idukki . You can board a bus or hire a taxi to reach here . Regular buses are available to the airport.

  • By Train : –

The nearest railway station is Kottayam, 114 km away from Idukki . Bus services are available from Kottayam to reach Idukki . Trains coming from all major cities and states of India half at Kottayam .

  • By Road : –

Idukki is connected by 6 state highways passing through it . It is also located on National Highway 49. It can be reached through Kerala state bus services as well as taxi services . Private and luxury bus services also provide a pleasant experience of travelling by road.

FAQ’S : –

  1. What is the most famous hill station in Idukki Kerala ?

Munnar is a popular hill station with its manicured tea garden, resplendent with rolling hills and crisp mountain air .

  • What are the top 5 coolest places in South India ?

Coldest places in South India are-

  • Munnar
  • Idukki
  • Top Station
  • Mention some best outdoor activities in Idukki that shouldn’t be missed ?

Some best outdoor activities that must be done are mentioned below-

  • Visit to Idukki Dam .
  • Take a view of the hill view point .
  • Go to Thekkad Bird Sanctuary .
  • Indulge yourself in Thamangakuthu Falls .
  • Witness the beauty of Nedamkandam Hills .
  • What is the package cost for Idukki normally ?

The package of Idukki starts from approx 6000 per person which can be customized further based on number of people , hotel category , days , vehicle type etc .

  • Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala ?

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary , an area of 777 square kilometer is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala . This sanctuary is also a home to a number of species of flora and fauna .

  • Are Periyar and Thekkad same ?

Thekkady is a place where the reserve is situated and Thekkady is also famous as Periyar by tourists around the world .

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