Some Captivating places to visit in Kovalam that you must visit.

This Kovalam town in Kerala is an idyllic and wonderful coastal place which is located about 13 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Known for its three adjoining crescent-shaped shallow waters and low-tidal beaches, kovalam is home to resort and an Ayurvedic massage center. Kovalam is also known as the “Garden of Coconut Trees”, further embellishing the village synonymous with coconut trees , so Kovalam is considered one of the most popular destination in India due to its beaches. Kovalam was first brought to prominence by Queen Sethu Lakshmibai, the queen of Travancore, during the 1920s by building the first beach resort which is known as Halcyon Castle and since then tourists started coming to Kovalam. You can explore the below places to visit in Kovalam during your trip.

As previously mentioned, Kovalam is a popularly holiday destination due to its beautiful beach houses. Kovalam has the title of being the most prominent tourist destination of Kerala especially during the Hippie era. Due to the attraction of Kovalam tourist places, tourists from Europe and Israel come to this place hoping to spend the valuable time of their life.

Upon reaching Kovalam, tourists mainly go for yoga classes and pamper themselves with the wonderful spas and massages offered by expert hands. There are innumerable places to visit in Kovalam which are totally impressed by its beautiful views and the kindness of nature.

Top 10 Places to visit in Kovalam.

If anybody loves watching the shores of ocean, then Kovalam is a centre of gorgeous beaches. Any one can enjoy bliss in the midst of nature at the stunning Kovalam and  will love water sports and beach activity. So we are here with the description of some splendid places to see in Kovalam which will definitely help you to plan your trip.

1. Kovalam Beach : –

This beach is also called Covelong beach, seated on the Coromandel coast, hidden in the southern part of the state of Kerala, Kovalam is a land of serenity and beaches that offers many picturesque views. The pebbly beach, breath taking scenery,  black sand and the waves crashing against the rock are a sight to behold.  This tourist place of Kovalam is considered the best for a luxurious stay as well as dazzling nigh life and luxury accommodation. Kovalam beach has a vast list of adventure activities which includes windsurfing, fishing, boating and much more which is undoubtedly perfect for an enticing trip. This tourist place of Kerala is the master of almost everything that offers a travelers an exciting atmosphere, a serene temple, a cool ambiance and a slew of eye – opening views, what more could a tourist want.

  • Location: – Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 695527, India.
  • Opening and Closing time: – Every day 24 hours open.
  • Entry Fee: – No entry fee is required.

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2. Samudra beach : –

This Samudra beach of Kovalam is regarded to be one of the best places to visit in Kovalam, which is different from other beaches by crevices. This beach is visited by thousands of visitors but still it is a suitable place to attain complete peace and tranquility. This Samudra beach is already considered a heavy jewel in the ornate crown of Kovallam. It is a paradise for newly married couples and lovers who want to spend some time alone. The horizon gives you a view of the silhouettes  of wooden ships  voyaging their way to buisness and a wonderful sunset.

  • Location :- Samudra Beach Park, Kovalam, Kerala 695527.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everyday 6 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

3. Aruvikkara Dam : –

Situated on the bank of river Karmana, this Aruvikkara Dam of Kovalam presents itself as a suitable and leisure place for picnic and family gathering.  This place is surrounded by a variety of resting place and lush green gardens which can be considered as a perfect place to get relax after a one day tour. The famous Durga Devi Temple located in the dam provides a good opportunity for a perfect drive from the city center. Talking about the activities around this dam, along with doing long races along the boundry of the dam, fish feeding is also done by many people.

  • Location : – H2FC + GC9, Aruvikkara, Kerala 695541.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everyday from sunrise to sunset.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

4. Vellayani Lake : –

Velayani Lake is a freshwater lake located at a distance of about 9 km from Thiruvananthapuram. This  is a famous place in Kovalam which amidst the thick vegetation  of flora and friendly fauna. There is an interesting story related to this lake. It is believed that a thirsty beggar who saw a meditated saint and approached for water. Only few drops of water were left with that saint, due to which the saint collected some water in his palms and threw it towards the thirsty beggar. The place where the drops of water were thrown by the saint turned into a big beautiful lake as we can visit now. The snake boat racing competition in this lake during Onam is the best to see here.

  • Location : – Triruvananthapura, Kerala, 695527.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Everyday from sunrise to sunset.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

5. Howah Beach : –

Howah Beach is one of the best place to see in Kovalam.  Hop, skip, and jump from light house beach to hawa beach, commonly known as Eve beach. The beach has a breathtaking view especially during  the night when the serene moonlight  dances on its waves. Ever since it has come in the map of tourists places of Kovalam, since  then the tourists visit here throughout the year. Related to this place, it was believed that a long time ago some topless women used to gather here to get a perfect tan, that’s why it got its name Hawah beach. We can enjoy this amazing beach even by taking a simple walk around this beach. Tourist can also indulge in the delicious seafood found around the beaches.

  • Location : – Lighthouse Beach , Kobvalam, Kerala 695527.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everday from 7 : 00 am to 9 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.                 

6. Karamana River : –

This Karmana river of Kovalam originated from the southern tip of the Western ghats and further flows through the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. After spreading for a distance of 68 km towards the west near Kovalam in the Panthura region, the river drains into the Arabian sea. This tourist attraction of Kovalam flows through a small suburb called Karmana, hence the name Karmana river. There are lush green spots of tropical plants on its bank,  where tourists can enjoy boating. There is also a Thiruvallam Beach club situated on the bank of the river which offers more canoe rides, Kayaking and houseboat Cruise.

  • Location : – Karamana River, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 695002.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everyday from sunrise to sunset.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

7. The Zoological Park in Kovalam : –

This Zoological park in Thiruvananthapuram  is the largest zoological park in India and has become the forth largest zoo in the country, which has the largest and heaviest Anakonda snake. Zoo officials said that these Anaconda were brought from Sri Lanka and only after adapting to the environment, tourists were allowed to see them.  Flora and fauna, various species of wild animals are also  seen in this Zoological Park . This place is the best tourist place in Kovalam for the tourist who loves animals and natural composition. This park is mainly an exciting place for children to learn about wildlife and enhance their knowledge.

  • Location : – Road, Kanaka Nagar, Nanthancodu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 695001.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everyday Morning 9 : 00 am to 5 : 15 pm.
  • Entry Fee : – INR. 20 for adults and INR. 05 for children.

8. Lighthouse beach : –

Light house beach is one of the best tourist attraction in Kovalam  located at the southern tip of the beach. Due to its proximity to the city, this beach attracts more attention of tourists. In olden days there was also a lighthouse called Vizhinjam on the hill next to it, which was responsible for guiding the ships coming to the port. Meanwhile  named the lighthouse beach. It is our good fortune that the passing time and natural calamities have not affected this lighthouse. Hence this beach is a must visit at night which is the only witness to this breathtaking site. Due to its clear water which remains warm even in the month of January, this beach offers an unforgettable swimming experience to the tourists.

  • Location : –  Near Lighthouse Junction,Vizhinjam, Near Kovalam, Kerala 695521.
  • Opening and Closing time : –  Everydayfrom sunrise to sunset.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

9. Thiruvallam Parasuram Temple : –

Thiruvallam Parasuram Temple is situated on the bank of river Karmana near Kovalam. This is the only temple in the whole of Kerala which is dedicated to Lord Parasurama. This temple is centrally located at a distance of 9 km from both Trivandrum airport and Kovalam. This temple was built to pay homage to Lord Parasurama, as he is believed to have built Kerala. This tourist place in Kovalam is very popular among his devotees, and every year a flood of devotees visit this temple to offer their prayer. This is a heritage and now comes under the Archeaological Department  of Kerala.

  • Location : –  Thiruvallam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, 695027.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everyday from 5 : 00 am to 8 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

10. Halcyon Castle : –

It is one of the very popular places to visit in Kovalam. Halcyon Castle owes its existence to her Royal Highness, Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bai. It was designed and built by her husband M.R.V., Sri Rama Varma Walia Koil Thampouraan. Constructed in 1932. This  palace is a splendid example of splendor, luxury and grandeur. It is located in Travancore which was once a princely state. The main idea behind building this palace was to serve as a beach resort for the entire royal family.

In 1964, Halcyon Castle was exchange and the royal family sold it to the government of Kerala. Now this Palace has the distinction of being the only one of its kind deluxe and luxury hotel in the entire region. It is also known as Kovalam Palace.

  • Location : – Halcyon Castle, Triruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Everyday from sunrise to sunset.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

Best time to visit in Kovalam

Undoubtedly, winter is the best season to visit in Kovalam. This town sees huge number of tourists flocking towards it during the month of October to February. The average temperature of the town during winter season remains between the range of 20 to 30 degree Celsius which is comfortable and fairly pleasant for vacations. Kovalam is made even more special in winter by the various Christmas carnivals held across the town during the month of December. In this season tourists can also enjoy the numerous activities like Scuba –diving, Snorkeling, Boat riding etc 

FAQ’S : –

  1. What are the languages  spoken in Kovalam by their local people ?

There are three language Malayalam, Tamil and English spoken in Kovalam by their local people.

  • Which beach is best specially for kids to play aspects of safety?

Kovalam beach is very safe and good for kids to play.

  • Is  Kollam and Kovalam same place?

No, these are two different place. Kollam beach, also called as Mahatma Gandhi Beach at Kollam city. As of July 2015 Kovalam is one among the three beaches in South Kerala.

  • Why is Kollam famous for or why it is worth visiting ?

Kovalam is famous for its beaches,among the most pristine in India. It is also extremely popular among Westerners due to low tidal waves and shallow waters. It is a famous and oldest tourists spot known among tourists circuit  rights in 1930s.

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