Top 8 Best Places to Visit in Kozhikode for Your Holiday Trip

Kozhikode also known as Calicut. It is a northern district located in the south west coastal region of India. The headquarters of this district is also known by the same name as the city of Calicut. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea to the west, this region was a splendid center of trade and commerce in the bygone era. According to modern historians, Calicut was known for its spices and silk, which is why it served as the home of many countries in the Indian Ocean. Calicut is a true paradise for those who want to explore this place on foot.  Places to visit in Kozhikode like churches, temples, roads and monuments attract travelers with their color and history. Bepore and Kappad beach attracts visitors due to their natural beauty and fun. Various species of birds are found in Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary which add to the enthusiasm of bird lovers. Thusharagiri Waterfall and Peruvannammuzhi Dam are suitable places to go on a picnic for one day trip with family and friends.

8 Places to visit in Kozhikode : –

Tourists travel for pleasure and Kozhikode offers many such places which take you to another level. Whenever you plan for a trip to Kozhikode please do not forget to include these below places in your itinerary to explore Kozhikode like never before. Your Kozhikode trip is completely incomplete without exploring these places which are rich in heritage, culture and history. These places to visit in Kozhikode are mentioned below.

1. Kozhikode Beach : –

Kozhikode has a special place in the history of Kerala as it was here that Vaskodagama first landed and after that historical spice trade routes were opened. This tourist place of Kozhikode still holds its historical charm. Kozhikode Beach embodies many characters that make Kozhikode so unique and special. Fresh seafood can be enjoyed at the cottages around the beach. Ka;;ummakkaya is the favorite food of the local people. If you go for a walk to Dolphin Point in the morning, then  you can definitely get to see Khilandar Dolphins. You are welcomed by a huge lighthouse and two piers that open into the ocean. Both have been here for more than a hundred years. Lions park and the nearby Marine Water Aquarium are also open for children.

  • Location: – 1 km far from Kozhikode Railway Station.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Everyday from morning 6 : 00 am to  10 : 00 pm
  • Entry Fee: – No entry fees required.

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2. Pazhassiraja Museum : –

Pazhassiraja Museum is about 05 km from Kozhikode city and one of the popular places to visit in Kozhikode. East hill and a must and a must see for history buffs and art practitioners. The museum houses a large number of precious objects that  take the visitors back to bygone centuries. Adjacent to the museum is an art gallery which displays the paintings of Kerala’s most acclaimed painter, Raja Ravi Varma. The works are also displayed in this museum. The museum’s collections include many murals, ancient coins, bronze sculptures, temple models, stone umbrellas and other monumental wonders. The museum and art gallery are easily accessible by road. It is open to the public on all days except Mondays and public holidays.

  • Location: –  East hill, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673005, Kozhikode, India.
  • Opening and Closing time: – Morning 9 : 00 am to evening 4 : 30 pm.
  • Entry Fee: – INR. 20 per person.

3. Thikkoti Light House : –

Thikkoti Light House is one of the amazing monuments of Calicut which is located in a small village of Thikkoti. About 30 km from the city Calicut this historical monument attracts tourists and travelers throughout the year. The surrounding area of the light house is rocky and one can have an excellent view of Velliyamkallu which is a huge rock formation of Arabian Sea. Nestled amidst the foamy waves of water, Velliyamkallu is a breath – taking place and is also home to many migratory birds. This tourist attraction of Kozhikode was built in 1847 and according to one story the reason for its construction was the wreck of a ship near the rocky shores. The lighthouse is 33.5 meters high and visitors can go up to the top of the light house to enjoy the wonderful view of the surroundings. However, to climb the winding stairs of the light house, travelers need to take permission from the authorities.

  • Location : – Kozhikode, Calicut, Kerala, India.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 4 : 00 am to evening 6 : 00 pm ( Monday closed ).
  • Entry Fee : – INR. 10 per person.

4. Kappad Beach : –

18 km from Calicut city, this tourist place in Kozhikode is situated at a distance of 10 km. It is known for its sandy banks and historical importance. This beach is inscribed in the pages of history because in 1498 a Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama landed here. Gamma’s landing at Kappad led to the establishment of trade relations and a series of historical events that eventually led to the colonization of the region. It has an inscription which reads “ Vasco da Gama landed here at Kappakkadavu in 1498”. This beach is pleasantly a serene place surrounded by cliffs. There is a small temple situated on a rock which extends to the sea. This temple which is about 800 years old is a major tourist attraction in Kappad Beach.

Tourists and local people who come for Ayurvedic treatment visit Kappad regularly. There are many good resorts in this area and it is an ideal place for summer holidays with loved ones.

  • Location : – Chemancherry P.O, Thoovapara, Kappad, Kozhikode, 673304, Kerala.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Open 24 hours.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

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5. Kalipoika : –

Kalipoika is one of the best resting places to see in Kozhikode. About 2 km from the heart of  Sahasra. This place is located in the place named Arayidathupalam and attracts hundreds of tourists every day. Kolipoika is a recreational place where travelers can go boating. Row boats and walking boats are available for passengers.  Taking a ferry ride on a relaxing evening can be a pleasurable activity. Boating facilities are available from morning 8 am to evening 7 pm. Kalipoika comes under the National Wetland Conservation Programme. There is a project undertaken and still in progress and the entire phase of the project includes the construction of a canal, boating facilities and an open theatre, at Kalipoika.

  • Location : –  Arayidathupalam, Kalipoika,Kottooli, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673016.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Open 24 hours.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

6. Kakkayam Dam : –

Kakkayam is a picturesque dam which is at a distance of 45 km far from Calicut City. The region is known for its varied range of plant and animal life which attracts tourists and trekkers alike. Adventure activities such as rock climbing and trekking can be done in Kakkayam. Located in the Western Ghats, this tourist place of Kozhikode is surrounded by dense forests. This area has excellent trekking routes and comes under the forest police. The area has the Kakkayam reservoir which attracts picnickers and adventure enthusiasts. This place offers visitors a picturesque landscape and is a perfect place for family excursions, adventure trips and a day picnic.

  • Location : – Kakkayam, Dam, Kerala 673615, Calicut, India.
  • Openinf and Closing Time : – Morning 9 : 30 to evening 4 : 30 pm.
  • Entry Fee : – No entry fees are required.

7. Mananchira Square : –

Mananchira Square  is also counted among the main tourist spots of Kozhikode. This is a beautiful water pool which was constructed by king Manavedawan. It is quite a place around which you will be able to see many ancient temples, mosques, churches and ancient buildings. Apart from this, there is also a musical stage, an open theater and a musical fountain which serves to give an attractive look to this place. You must come here during your south journey. This Mananchira Square is the perfect place to have an amazing experience.

  • Location : – National Highway 17, Kozhikode, Kerala.
  • Opening and Closing time: – open 24 hours but best time to visit 3 :30 pm to 8 : 00 pm
  • Entry Fee : – No entry fee is required.

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8. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary : –

Apart from all the above mentioned places, you can also enjoy an exciting excursion to the city’s Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. This beautiful place to see in Kozhikode is nestled between islands and hills near the Kadalundi River that flows from the Arabian Sea. The beauty of this bird sanctuary is quite breathtaking which offers a chance to see various colorful birds. The sanctuary serves as a safe haven for about 100 local birds and more than 60 migratory birds. Going so close to nature and enjoying the natural beauty in itself awakens a very delightful feeling inside. Apart from the mentioned places there, there are many other places of interest in Cuttack that you can add to your travel diary. You must visit the Art  and Historical Museum present here.

  • Location : – 18 km away from Kozhikode, Malappuram, Beypore, Kerala.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 8 : 00 am to evening 6 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 25 per person.

How to Reach Kozhikode: –

By Train : –

Kozhikode has a railway  station which is well connected to all the major cities of Kerala as well as other major cities of India like Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi etc. auto rickshaw, taxi, buses and cabs are available from the railway station.

By Air : –

Calicut International Airport is popularly kown as Karipur Airport which  is situated at 25 km from Calicut Shah Rasse. Calicut airport is connected to almost all the major cities of India and cities of the middle east. Travelers who reach by air can hire a taxi to reach the city of Calicut.

By Road : –

Calicut is well connected by road as National Highway 17 passes through this district. The bus stand of Calicut is known as Mofussil Bus Stand from where bus facilities are available to various cities like Kannur, Thalassery, Palakkad and Ernakulam etc. Bus services are also available from Calicut to all major cities like Bangalore, Mysore, and Chennai etc.

Best time to visit Kozhikode : –

Between the months of October to March is the best time to visit Kozhikode. During the period of these months the weather remains calm, cold and pleasant. The temperature in Kozhikode varies between 19 to 29 degree Celsius.  The winter season is the best season to visit Kozhikode. That’s why this season is most favorable for tourists as it is neither too hot nor too cold or freezing. Beach visit and sightseeing are the best things to do during winter season.

FAQ’S : –

  1. Tell me the speciality of Kozhikode ?

Kozhikode is one of the best tourist spots in Kerala. This city is endowed with lush green countryside, serene beaches, wildlife sanctuary, historic sites, rivers and hills. It is an amazing destination with its unique culture and friendly ambiance.

  • Kozhikode is a perfect destination for which type of travelling ?

Kozhikode is a perfect and suitable destination for beach themed holidays.

  • Is Calicut and Kozhikode the same place ?

Yes, Calicut was renamed Kozhikode after independence. This name is a combination of Kovil means a palace and Kota means fort.

  • Is there any playground for children to play near Kappad Beach ?

No, there is only Kappad Beach, not any specific area for children to play.

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