Top Places to Visit in Thiruvananthapuram For An Interesting Trip

The city of Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Gods on Land. It is often called Trivandrum, which is derived from the original name given by the British. The city was known by this name until the government gave it its original name in 1991 . This place is located on the west coast of the Southern tip of India. Mahatma Gandhi called this place the “ Evergreen City Of India” . Trivandrum is also counted among the “Ten Greenest Cities Of India”. Despite being the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum is a very simple city. Despite this there is a lot for tourists to visit here . While maintaining its cultural charm , Trivandrum displays a wide variety of places of interest including incredible museums , beautifully designed palaces , sacred temples and mesmerizing beaches , making the city one of the best tourist places in South India . If you are interested in ancient history and culture , then there are numerous places to visit in Thiruvananthapuram for your trip.

Famous temples in Trivandrum include Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Ajimala Shiva Temple, Karikakom Chamundi Devi Temple and Pazhavangadi Ganapati Temple . Like any other Coastal city in Kerala, the cruise of Trivandrum sees the influence of seafood and local South Indian cuisines . Here you will find many coconut trees , which is why the most famous drink here is coconut water . In today’s article we are sharing with you the list of the best tourist places in Thiruvananthapuram . Surely after visiting these places you will get a different experience of your life .

Top 8 Best Places To Visit In Trivandrum : –

1. Agastya Mala Peak : –

Agastya Mala peak is also known as Agastyarkoodam . It is 1868 meters high and is the highest peak of Thirivananthapuram . Tamirabarani River , Karmana River and Nayyar River originate from here . It is a Hindu Pilgrimage site . Against the backdrop of the exquisite location on top of the peak you will see a full sized Agastya Idol . You can reach Agastya Mala Peak by trekking . But for tekking till the peak you have to contact the forest department of Kerala . Aso, trekking is allowed in the month of January and February only . Pilgrims also need permission from the Kerala government to visit the temple . There are many herbs and medicinal plants on the way to the peak . The place also has many rare species of flora and fauna .

  • Location : – Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern End Of The Western Ghats, Trivandrum.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – From Sunrise to Sunset .
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 500 per person

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2. Akkulam Lake : –

It is one of the very popular places to visit in Thiruvananthapuram. Akkulam Lake is located at a distance of about 10 km from Thirivananthapuram city . The lake and the beautiful surrounding area are ideal places for picnics and walks . It is a popular destination of Non – floing water for tourists . you can go for a fun – filled boating ride on the Akkulam Lake . The mind – pleasing air and the waves on the water brings peace to your body and soul .Actually , Akkulam Lake is a part of Veli Lake , where it joins with the sea . Akkulam tourist village is situated on the bank of this lake . You can visit this tourists village for a short time and have fun by participating in many activities like swimming , water sports etc.

  • Opening and Closing time : – Morning 8 : 00 am to 11 : 45 am and evening 3 : 00 pm to  6 : 00 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 05 per person

3. Karmana River , Trivandrum : –

The Karmana River flows through Trivandrum. This river originates from the Agasthyarkoodam peak . This peak is situated at the southern tip of the Western Ghats . After spreading for a distance of 68 km towards the west near Kovalam in the Panthura region , this river falls into the Arabian Sea . The river is named after the Karmana , a suburb of the city of Trivandrum, From where it flows as it meanders .

Although the flow of the Karmana River is slow compared to other rivers, it has two dams built on it . These dams are Peppara Dam and Aruvikkara Dam , which have been constructed for different purposes. The Peppra Dam is built over the river and is used only for irrigation . the Aruvikkara Dam supplies water to Trivandrum for consumption . Aruvikkara Dam is also built for irrigation . There are also several bridges over the river . So enjoy the scenery by walking on the banks of river Karmana .

  • Location : –  6 km from Trivandrum, Kerala .
  • Opening and Closing Time : –  Open 24 hours
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.

4. The Zoological Park , Thirivananthapuram : –

Another popular places to visit in Thiruvananthapuram is Zoological park. The zoological Park Of Thiruvananthapuram is the first of its kind in India. It was originally founded in 1857 by the Raja of Travancore . This is also the zoo of Thiruvananthapuram where 75 varieties of animals and birds brought from India and other countries and continents have been kept. Whether you are an adult or a child, you will love to see different species of birds and animals . The animals here include Indian Rhino, Lion- tailed Macaki, Manipuri Deer, Nilgiri Tahr, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, Spotted Horse or Hippopotamus. You will also be amazed to see the endangered birds and animals roaming in the zoological park.

Thiruvananthapuram’s  zoo is spread over 55 acres of land including grounds, forest and lake. You can also take a boat tour in the lake. The park is an ideal place for educational tours as well as picnics and excursions .

  • Location : – Road, Kanaka Nagar, Nanthancodu, Thirivananthapuram , Kerala , 695001.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 9 : 00 am to evening 5 : 15 pm .
  • Entry Fee : – INR. 20 per person and INR, 05 for children.

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5. Chalai Bazar : –

Chalai Bazar is one of the big markets and a very popular tourist places in Thiruvananthapuram . This market is for a full 2 km on the road connecting Killippalam and East Fort . There are shops on both sides of the narrow road . The scent of food items , flowers , coconut oil and paints permeates the streets here .

Most of the shops are open from 9 am to 8 pm except on Sunday . You will find everything you need in these little shops .From gold to fruits and vegetables and furniture and hardware and everything . Buy a souvenir for you and tour family and friends . If you do not go to the market after coming to Trivandrum, then consider your journey incomplete .

  • Location : – East Fort Area , Trivandrum , Kerala, 695501,
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 9 : 00 am to evening 8 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – No Entry Fees are required.

6. Sree Chitra Art Gallery, Trivandrum : –

Sree Chitra Art Gallery is located near the Napier Museum . This art Gallery is famous for its wide collection of paintings by the famous early painter Raja Ravi Varma . This art gallery has different types of paintings of Rajput style, Rajasthani style and Mughal displayed in the Chitra Art Gallery are exquisite . These are made of very delicate stone work and dark colors . It also presents an array of Chinese Tibetan and Japanese art forms . There is also a section here miniature paintings are shown. These pictures will amaze you . This  art gallery is admired internationally. Hundreds of tourists come here every day  . you need at least 2 hours to visit the Sree Chitra Art Gallery , and see the exhibits here .

  • Location : – Museum Bains compound, PMG , Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala, 695033.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 10 : 00 am to evening 4 : 45 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 10 Per person .

7. Kanakakunnu Palace , Trivandrum : –

Another popular Places to Visit in Thiruvananthapuram is Kanakakunnu. Kanakakunnu Palace is one of the grandest with elaborate carvings and designs . The palace is an example of the rich cultural heritage of the time of Raja Rani of Kerala . Kanakakunnu Palace was built during the region of the king of Travancore . It was built for this purpose , so that huge banquets, rituals and other royal ceremonies could be held here . The rich craftsmanship of the palace is well suited to the purpose of its construction, and it still retains its grandeur .

Near  this palace, there is the Napier Museum. Now the environment of Kanakakunnu Palace is used for organizing cultural programs to showcase the rich heritage of Thiruvananthapuram .

  • Location : – Sooryakanthi Rd, Kanaka Nagar , Nanthancodu, Thirivananthapuram, Kerala, 695033.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 10 : 00 am to evening 5 : 00 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required .

8. Happyland Amusement Park , Trivandrum : –

Happyland Amusement Park is located on the outskirts of Thirivananthapuram at a place called Vembayam . It is a very famous tourist attraction in Thiruvananthapuram. The amusement park has tons of pulse racing rides to add to the fun as well as heart beats like Crazy Cruise, Uphill Drive, Flying Fox, Challenger, Columbus and many more. The park is built as per the ideal safety standards. Water world is primarily designed for family fun . The children’s village has rides especially for children. It is near to the beautiful view of the beach. If you want unlimited fun and adventure, then Happyland Water Park is the big Adventure for you .

  • Location : – Panchayath , Happyland Road Manickal, Vembayam, Kerala . 695615 .
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 10 : 30 am to evening 6 : 00 pm .
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 300 for adults and 200 for children .

Best Time To Visit Trivandrum : –

The best time to visit Trivandrum is winter from October to February. Winter season starts in November and lasts till February. The weather remains cool and stable during this time and temperature never crosses 30 degree Celsius during  winters, which is an ideal for sightseeing and other activities. So this season is considered to be the best season to visit Trivandrum .

How to reach Trivandrum : –

Trivandrum can be reached by road from all directions. KRSTC services are available here from all  over Kerala and other major cities of neighboring states . You can also go Trivandrum by air . Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is situated in Thiruvananthapuram . It is situated at a distance of 10 km from the city . The airport is well connected to many major cities in India and foreign . Direct flights are available to many Indian cities . By Train is also an another option to visit Trivandrum . You can come to Trivandrum Railway Station , which is a main railway junction. Direct trains are available from here to go to all parts of India .


  1. What is the primary Language spoken in Trivandrum ?

Malayalam is the primary language which is spoken in Trivandrum . People can also use Tamil and English language for their convenience .

  • Mention some hotels near Chalai Bazar ?

Some Famous near Chalai Bazar are –

  • Treebo Trend Amalas Residency (0. 28 km)
  • Oyo 7926 Hotel Fort View (0.30 km )
  • Classic Sarovar Portico (0.91 km)
  • Apollo Dimora Hotel (0.69 km)
  • Saj Lucia  (0.32 km )
  • Why Trivandrum is special among the tourist places in Kerala ?

It is a major tourist center which is known for the Padamanabhaswamy Temple , the beaches of Varkala and Kovalam , backwaters of Anchuthengu and Poover and its Western Ghats tracts of Agastya Mala and Ponmudi .

  • How much time Zoological Park of Trivandrum will take to do a complelete tour ?

You can complete the visit within 2 hours but if there are children in your group so it can take 3 to 4 hours .

  • Is Arogya Setu app required at Thiruvanathapuram International Airport ?

Yes Airport Authority of India said that all passengers must be registered on the Arogya Setu app for their convenience .

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