Top places to visit in Vagamon for your next trip

Vagamon is located near Kottayam – Idukki border, Wagamon, popularly known as Vagamon in kerala. It is a beautiful hill station in South India, which is known for its hill charm, enchanting climate and serene atmosphere. This hill station bordering Idukki is no less than a treasure for the lovers of nature and solitude. This ancient hill station is about 1100 meters above the sea level This tourist place of Kerala often referred to as the “Scotland of Asia”. This place has been listed among the 50 most attractive places in India by National Geographic Travelers. Apart from this it is also gaining attention for being India’s topmost adventure tourism spot like trekking, paragliding, climbing, rock climbing. Cycling through the mountain is also a very interesting activity that visitors can participate in to get the best feeling. The pine forest, tea garden, waterfalls, mesmerizing  meadows are all that makes Vagamon one of the best tourist places.  There are various popular places to visit in Vagamon but we will explore the top 8 tourist places through this blog post.

A few years ago, this hill station was living an anonymous life, but today it has become a favorite place of  travelers that can be enjoyed away from the hectic lifestyle. The Kerala Tourism Department and the Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism celebrates an International Paragliding festival every year in Vagamon, which is also famous not only among tourists but also in local people of Vagamon. This place is a perfect choice for a luxurious holiday. Lets know about the tourist places to visit  in Vagamon which  makes you happy in terms of tourism.

Top 8 Places to visit in Vagamon : –

1. Vagamon Falls :-

The Vagamon Waterfall is a small river that is formed from a lake. With  many dunes and dense forest, it is amazing to see the river falling on the stones below. This slopping route is popular among trekkers. The breathtaking view of this waterfall at Vagamon sets it apart from others and not its height. It is a good place to forget all your worldy worries and get rid of them. When you come to Vagamon you must include this tourist place of Vagamon in your visit list so that your trip will be memorable forever.

  • Location : – Vagamon, Kerala.
  • Opening and closing time : – Morning 6 : 00 am to evening  6 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fee : – No entry fee is required.
  • Ideal Duration : – 1 to 2 hours.

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2. Kurisumala Ashram : –

Kurisumala Ashram is siuated on the heigh Kurisumala hills. This ashram of Nazrani Catholic and Gandhian followers justifies the name Kurisumala which means “Mountain with the holy cross”  people of all religions and castes come here. Good Friday is celebrated here with gaiety. During this, pilgrims carry a sacred wooden cross and climb the hill. The ashram is also known for his generosity as it provides food to many hungry people every day. Also, Kurisumala Ashram does not allow its residents and guests to waste food. Kurisumala Ashram has a large prayer hall. Pilgrims pray and meditate here. So it is a place to see in Vagamon to get spiritual peace. Apart from this there are several dairy farms near the monastery  which produce more than 1500 liters of milk every day. There are twelve small hills on the Kurisumala hills and the heighest point  is known as the Resurrection Garden”. Apart from being a spiritual place, this place is also a tourist destination due to its natural beauty surrounded by tea gardens and lakes.

  • Location : – Vagamon, Kerala
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 4 : 00 am to 8 : 30 pm.
  • Entry Fee : – No entry fees are required
  • Ideal Duration : – 1 to 2 hours.

3. Murugan Para : –

Murugan is located at a distance of about 8 km from Paravagamon hill station. Murugan Para is a temple built by cutting rocks. It is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is siuated in the eastern part of Kurisumala hills. Every year hundreds of devotees visit Murugan Para. Murugan Para is a favorite tourist attraction of Vagamon because of its beautiful cutting of rocks.

According to some popular belief, these carving datw back to the Stone

  • Age. This place is a living example of man’s efforts to create art from inanimate objects like rocks and stones. When you come to Vagamon don’t forget to visit Murugan Para.
  • Location : – Located at Kurisumala – Thangalpara road, Vagamon, Kerala.
  • Opening and closing time : – morning 6 : 00 am to evening 6 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.
  • Ideal Duration : –  1 hour.

4. Kurisumala Hills : –

Kurisumala is also known as the “ Hills of the Holy cross” . This luxurious place is located at a distance of 10 km from Vagamon. This famous place in Vagamon is an important pilgrimage for Christians and also is famous for its dairy farms. Kurisumala Hills looks even more attractive due to being surrounded by green tea gardens and dense forests on both sides. Murugan Para is clearly visible from this hill. People from far and near areas come here for trekking, camping and paragliding. Many people come to the Kurisumala Ashram which is located here. In the week of good Friday, devotees climb the Kurisumala Hills carrying the holy cross and reach the ashram. There is an artificial lake near this house. The house and the lake are both Laurie Baker’s imagination. You can also visit the dairy farms managed by an Indo – Swiss project.

  • Location : – MVGP+RRF, Vagamon, Kerala, 686512.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 6 : 00 am to evening 6 : 00 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.
  • Ideal Duration : – 1 hour.

5. Mundakayam Ghat : –

Mundakayam Ghat is at a distance of about 8 km from Vagamon hills station. It is a picturesque place which is known as a place to watch the setting sun.  Apart from this, this place is also famous for bird watching. This tourist place in Vagamon offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. Mundakayam Ghat is quite popular among nature lovers and vacationers. However, this place is also famous among those interested in adventure activities. A festival dedicated to paragliding is organized here by ASSTA ( Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy ). Due to this paragliding festival organized at Mundakayam Ghat, Vagamon is becoming quite famous.

  • Location : – 9 km from Vagamon, Kerala, 686512.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – From sunrise to sunset.
  • Entry Fees : – No entry fees are required.
  • Ideal Duration : – 2 to 3 hours.

6. Suicide Point : –

There is also a suicide point in Vagamon. It is called Moonpara. It is a “V” shaped hill.  It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Vagamon. From this place you can see the deep valley below. This scene is totally mesmerizing. The depth of the valley appears like a ditch. Though trekking  up to the suicide point is exhausting but it is also an amazing experience as reaching the summit is very fascinating and wonderful. Once you reach the summit, the splendid view and the cool fresh air makes you forget the exhaustion of the climb and only that delightful sight remains in your memory.

  • Location : – Amreuthamedu, Vagamon, Kerala, 686512.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 8 : 30 to evening 5 : 30 pm.
  • Entry Fee : – INR. 10 per person, excluding belongings.
  • Ideal Duration : – 1 hour.

7. Vagamon Lake : –

Among the natural attractions of Vagamon, you can plan a visit to this tourist place of  Vagamon, which is Vagamon Lake .  This lake is a great tourist destination within the city limits.  With the enchanting atmosphere and mountainous landscape, this lake compels the tourists to come here. This lake is not very big but  you can enjoy other water activities along with boating here. The natural scenery around the lake makes it special. It is an ideal place for a family excursion.

  • Location : – 1 km far from Vagamon bus station.
  • Opening and Closing Time : – Morning 8 : 30 to evening 5 : 30 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 10 per person and INR. 05 for children.
  • Ideal Duration : – 1 hour.

8. Pine Forest : –

It is one of the very popular places to visit in Vagamon. You can include the Vagamon excursion from the beautiful pine forest  here. If you are a forest lover then you can surely come here. The specialty of these Pine forests can be  gauged from the fact that the scenes here have been depicted many times in films as well. Deodar forests force tourists to come here on the strength of their adventure and beauty. Settled during British rule, this forest is included in the selected most special tourist places of Vagamon. There are many natural attractions around the forest, which you can visit during the Vagamon tour.

  • Location : – Pine Valley Road, Vedikuzhi, KOlahalamedu, Kerala 685501.
  • Opening and Closing time : – Morning 8 : 30 to evening 6 : 30 pm.
  • Entry Fees : – INR. 10 for adults and INR. 05 for children under the age of12.
  • Ideal Duration : – 1 to 2 hours.

Best time to go Vagamon :

The Vagamon hill station is a destination of throughout the year but the best time to visit in Vagamon is after the monsoons from June to September ( temperature between 18 to 21 degree Celsius )  but before starting the summer from March to May. When monsoon gets over the whole area specially the green meadows in this hill station is become charming green and fresh atmosphere attracts more people towards it. So if you are planning to go Vagamon, consider the monsoon season because it is the best season to visit Vagamon to indulge yourself more in nature.

How to reach Vagamon :

By Road :

Vagamon can also be reached by road. You can reach Vagamon by bus from nearby places. After reaching there you can hire a taxi.

By Train :

The nearest railway station is Kutticanam, located 22 km from Vagamon. Other nearby railway stations are – Palai, 33 km away, Thodupuzha, 39 km away and Kumily, 45 away  from Vagamon. After reaching  there  private taxi, cab or local transport can be hired.

By Air : –

The nearest airport to Vagamon is Cochin International Airport. Domestic and International flights are available at this airport. The distance between Cochin and Vagamon is about 107 kms. Hence, it takes only two hours from this airport to this hill station by bus or taxi.


  1. Why is Vagamon famous among the tourist places of Kerala ?

Vagamon is famous for its picturesque surroundings, being a paragliding hotspot and it is also known for its green meadows and pine forests.

  • What is the local food of Vagamon ?

Vagamon does not have much to offer to eat to their tourists but simple eating joints can be found serving South Indian foods, especially their local dishes.

  • How much does it cost for a trip to Vagamon ?

The packages for Vagamon can be customized based on number of people, days , hotel category, vehicle type, so you can have a look at all packages and choose your package according to your budget.

  • Which top nearby place can I cover while visiting the Vagamon ?

The top most Munnar , which is 47 km from Vagamon, Alleppey which is about 57 km from Vagamon, thekkady which is located 30 km from Vagamon, Idukki, which is 30 km far from Vagamon. These top most places can also be covered while visiting Vagamon .

  • Why should anyone visit Vagamon ?

Vagamon is a great place for those who are nature lovers and also for those who love paragliding. It is also a great getaway in South India. So it is a perfect place for a one day trip from nearby places.

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